Ladylike Stationery for Mannetta

Amy reached out to us a few weeks before Christmas with a sweet idea for a gift for her grandmother, Mannetta. Grammy Sarver had been sending handwritten letters to her family for years, creating keepsakes that everyone cherished. But at 92, she was still using college-ruled notebook paper, and her large cursive handwriting needed a little more room. Amy asked us to design a personalized set, delivered just in time for Christmas!


We created two version for Mannetta to choose from – one for the grandkids, and one to send to everyone else – paired with pretty coral and green envelopes, which we pre-printed with her return address.









The colors came out bright and vivid, but still fittingly ladylike for a sweet grandmother! Amy wrote us soon after the holidays with a shot of Grammy Sarver’s first letter… our favorite part of the whole project!


Whitney + Matt’s Cape Cod Save the Dates

It’s always a challenge to come up with a save the date that people won’t get sick of seeing on their fridge by the time the wedding rolls around. There’s the usual big photo card with that perfect engagement shot. Then, of course, there’s the ubiquitous magnet save the date, which basically makes my arm hair curl. But what about something artsy – or better yet, useful – that you won’t mind checking out every time you go in for a cherry Chobani?


Matt and Whitney are East Coasters through and through, so choosing a family home on Cape Cod for a lobster bake wedding reception was a no-brainer. But this decidedly preppy bride opted to nix the engagement photo shoot and wanted an illustrative design instead. We knew there would be stripes and definitely navy, but we wanted to stay away from the typical seashell-rope-anchor-starfish thing.


During our meeting, Whitney casually mentioned that her mother was concerned about people not knowing how to actually tear into a whole lobster. (I don’t blame her. Set a whole lobster down in front of this Colorado girl, and I’m more likely to try and release it back into the wild than have any clue how to crack that sucker open!) That’s when it hit me that we needed to excite people as well as prepare them.


We came up with a helpful diagram that folks could refer to in preparation for the big event. And rather than plaster the event date on the front, we wrapped the illustrative card with a garter. Voila! A nautical, photo-free save the date that poses as an artsy how-to on guests’ refrigerator doors! Feel free to frame it. We think it’s super pretty, too.








(Clever, lobstery copywriting done by yours truly.)

PS You can customize this same design for yourself! Just drop us a line!


Lizzy’s Bridal Shower

This super sweet project was truly a delight to work on, not only because I got to put together something really fun and bright, but also because the client was a dream!


Renee had ordered a rush batch of our Mad Hatter invitations for her future daughter-in-law’s bridal shower just a few weeks earlier. But with a full schedule of wedding events still on the horizon and a little more lead time, she decided to go for something more personal and commissioned Mountain Paper to create a custom look for the next party .


Like many southern belles, Elizabeth’s wedding palette was bright and cheerful. The blues and oranges were perfectly suited for her tropical destination wedding in Antigua, but also translated easily for events at home in Louisiana. Renee and her right hand man, Reagan, came to me with a charming idea for a die cut wedding gown card. They even shared a picture of the bride’s dress with me, purely for research! (Don’t worry, Lizzy, the pic stayed on lock-down!)

Lizzy Shower Style-01 We put together a style guide that included a modern script, a bold pattern and ribbon detail with a die cut that was a pared-down version of the bride’s actual dress. The design itself is totally type-driven and simple because we wanted the unique shape to be the star.




After we ran these guys through the die cutter, I got down to some serious ribbon tying… and quickly realized that I actually didn’t know how to tie a perfect knot bow (for shame, I know!). They kept going all wonky and sideways on me. Thankfully, I found this handy tutorial and was a certified bow master in no time. Hey, you learn a new skill every day in this line of work…


We finished off the envelopes with a bold patterned liner (I’m calling it “gate peak” because it looks like the top of my wrought iron gate.) and printed all the addresses to save Reagan a hand cramp.





Of course, no southern bride would dream of entertaining without a stock of thank you notes, so we designed a batch of cards to match!



Thank you, Renee and Reagan, for coming to Mountain Paper for this project! Can we plan another party soon? I miss you guys already!

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Envelopes: textured aquamarine
Fonts: Frontage | Belluccia | Valentina

NYE in NOLA Save the Dates

There’s a special place in my heart for New Year’s Eve weddings. Securing this time slot for your big day not only guarantees that the party will not die early, but also sets the stage for a lifetime of totally memorable anniversaries! Lauren and Ryan took this killer idea one step further and secured a venue in one of the most party-going cities in America, New Orleans. I mean, how much fun is this wedding going to be?!


Lauren came to me with this confetti idea, and I loved it immediately because it fit her festive theme to a tee. When we started on developing the style guide, shimmery tones of black, gold and silver were a given. We ultimately decided to add magenta for an extra punch of color.

Lauren Style Guide-02

We also decided to translate the confetti idea into a recurring graphic, adding bubbly details throughout, and made all the lines a little roughed up for an imperfect feel.


As you know, I adore projects that get me away from the computer. After searching high and low for just the right style of confetti, we ultimately opted to make our own. Yes, I’m that picky… so sue me! I used the trusty little die cutter in the studio to punch out black, gold, silver and yellow circles in all different sizes. It kind of ended up taking forever, but the end result was totally worth it.





(That’s my cool new paperweight. It’s a rock I plucked out of a river on our last backpacking trip and dunked in gold paint. Has basically nothing to do with this project except that it is gold and pretty.)


After very careful divvying up into our little bags, I handed the cards and confetti over to my girl Tifanee, who sewed each one on with purty magenta thread. (No, I can’t sew. It’s on my list of to-learn domestic skills along with not killing houseplants and canning.)



We picked out envelopes in Gold Leaf and printed Lauren’s addresses in matching style.






Thank you, Lauren, for entrusting your amazing vision to Mountain Paper! I can’t wait to start on the invitations!

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Envelopes: gold leaf
Fonts: Frontage | Belluccia | Valentina



Sarah + Chase


I’m so excited to share this wedding featuring photos from the über-talented Anna Routh! Usually I just feed you pictures of pretty paper and accessories, but having been lucky enough to be involved in this wedding from top to bottom (I was a bridesmaid), I got special access to all the fun details. And I feel like you need to see how awesome this event came out!


Back in November, we put together this super fun save the date for Sarah and Chase, which has since become one of Mountain Paper’s most popular projects. In the spring, we started work on the big stuff – the invitation packet!


Some brides opt to keep it minimal and simple with just an invitation card and reply card (or in some cases even just an invitation card with a line for online RSVPs at the bottom). But for fellow paper-lover Sarah, going big was the only option! With a weekend chock full of fun events and a big portion of her guest list flying in from out of town, she wanted to provide all the details. We created a pocketfold packet stuffed with several inserts, all with their own unique design and festive elements.


The mix ‘n’ match look of the suite reflects the bride’s bold personal style and incorporates a touch of vintage. Sarah’s vision for her event was an upscale garden party with all the familiar trappings of a classic Texas affair, so the design needed to reflect both the refined side as well as the fun, old-world southern side. We spent a lot of time creating the filigree elements that frame each piece. They needed to look just a tad imperfect while still lending structure to the page.


We wrapped everything up with a monogrammed garter and sent them in turquoise blue envelopes – a hefty and bright delivery that no guest would miss in the mail!

Fast forward to the big event, for which Sarah commissioned several coordinating pieces.



After a picturesque ceremony, everyone headed to the Dallas Arboretum, a drop-dead beautiful spot with modern architecture and, of course, about a million colorful plants popping out of every nook and cranny!





We printed escort cards with the couple’s monogram detail on light kraft paper, which were displayed nestled in grass. Sarah continued the creative display theme by propping up each menu, also printed on kraft, in a cut Granny smith apple.



Check out the charming details in Sarah’s centerpieces and bar accessories. It’s kind of like Anthropologie plus Terrain minus the dustiness.



Rather than have a DJ for the entire reception, the couple hired dueling piano players to get the party started! (Sidenote for brides-to-be: this idea rocked.) We printed up a bunch of request cards so guests could submit their favorite jams for the pianists.


Sarah is a Chi Omega, so of course we had to have owls worked in!


Why go with a boring old guestbook when you can have guests sign helmets from your favorite college football teams?





Everyone was surprised by the introduction of balloons towards the end of the reception. Best dance accessory ever? Quite possibly.


Finally, we printed up some kraft labels to adorn the couples’ parting gifts – samples of their signature cocktails from the reception! “The Chase” is a margarita spiked with jalapeno, a combo new to my tastebuds that I now am obsessed with.

Sarah, thank you so much for the opportunity to collaborate on your big day! I am so proud of the work we did and the killer final product.

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly | desert storm kraft
Garters: 110lb eco-friendly
Envelopes: natural kraft | aqua
Fonts: Carolyna | Abraham Lincoln

Photography: Anna Routh

P.S. If these pics looks familiar to you, you may have already seen them featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper!