Matt + Ashley

When a friend comes to me for a special design, I always welcome the project with enthusiasm because the project typically allows a lot of creative flexibility. So when Ashley and Matt asked me to create a piece to announce their new home (which they had been keeping secret!) I was pumped. This couple is truly an example of the kindness and hospitality that you so often find in Texas, and I wanted to represent that warmth in the design.

We combined their taste for a Napa Valley aesthetic with their love for Americana and the big personality of their home state. I hunted down a vintage map of Houston, employed some layering and picked a western typeface to pull it all together. The final product was truly a special card… and I got to use my new die cutter to boot!

I think my favorite element of the whole package was the bright blue envelopes we paired the cards with. She sent me one in the mail, and that pop of blue in my mailbox was so cheerful!

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