Julie’s Tea for Two Shower

Noticed how popular the tea party theme has become for showers lately? Pinterest boards, wedding blogs and magazine features abound with modern revisions on this classic motif. Whether you’re inclined towards a classy Downton Abbey feel or a nuttier Alice in Wonderland affair, a tea party makes perfect sense for a sophisticated bridal or baby shower. My Mad Hatter invitation has been the most popular card in the store since its release, but when Kindle approached me to create a card for a friend’s tea-themed baby shower, a new look was definitely in order. Kindle, after all, was the inspiration for the original Mad Hatter, so there was no reusing that design!

Deciding on the color scheme was easy. The gender of Julie’s pea in the pod is still a mystery, so rather than going with a pink or blue dominated palette, I used the whole spectrum. Using a full spread of bright colors went over well, because (as I have learned ever since Kindle moved to Orlando) if there is one thing Floridians love, it’s color!

The initial style of the Tea for Two card was inspired by this lovely cocktail recipe card illustrated by Rebekkah Seale, which has been living on my Inspiration board on Pinterest for a couple months now. I just adore the painterly texture combined with the ink lines.

The graphic elements here are decidedly more mature and feminine than Mad Hatter, but the type is still just as fun and whimsical. Matching the curving lines of the script font (Carolyna) to the tea cup, herbs and flower illustrations pulls it all together.

Thank you, Kindle, for another chance to design something unique!

Love Tea for Two? Customize it for your event!

PS Check out my favorite tea-themed Pinterest boards for great party planning ideas:

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  • Tea Parties by Sue Mings (lots of yummy recipes for scones and the like)
  • Tea Party by Danielle Swopes (major teacup and teapot eye candy here)

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Fonts: Carolyna Pro Black | Azola

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