Holiday Printables Are Back!

I think it’s a sign of growing older that the number of holiday letters we receive every year keeps increasing. I can remember many of these scattered around our card table at home when I was young. Most of them were from our family friends with kids my age and contained mundane details: Annie joined the soccer team, Tom switched jobs, the new puppy eats laundry. Sometimes Mom would read select paragraphs aloud, usually about The So-and-So’s awesome beach vacation, while simultaneously raising her eyebrows at my father as if to say, Gee, I sure would like to go on an awesome beach vacation… The years that fell post-college and pre-wedding, though, were mostly populated with simple photo cards. We were easily impressed, and it was a remarkable thing that any twenty-something even sent out a Christmas card at all. But now, with dozens of weddings and several babies under our friends’ belts, the letters have begun to roll in.

Last year, after another request from my father to Photoshop something really cheesy to put on their letter (an elk pulling Santa’s sleigh up their Colorado driveway), I realized that the world of holiday letters was in desperate need of some gussying-up. And soon after, the Mountain Paper printable letters were born!


These were incredibly fun to design! Each one has various infographic-inspired sections to display your family’s particulars and space for some great pics. No longer are you bound by Times New Roman and whatever cheesy border you can find from Word’s clip art files – your friends will actually want to stick this one on the fridge through New Year’s. I also introduced new color schemes after some requests last year for less traditional palettes.



Ordering is super easy. After checkout, you’ll receive a PDF form to fill out and email back. A couple days later, you receive a high-res PDF that’s ready to print and pop in the mail! And here’s the best part… Mountain Paper printable letters are $10 cheaper than last year! Woo hoo!

You can check out all the design options in the shop.

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