A Beach Bungalow Wedding

*** Prepare yourself. Lots of eye candy in this post. ***


I’m so excited to finally be able to share these beauties with you! (These pics may be old news to you if you’re a Trendy Bride reader. Michelle featured these yesterday!) Last year, the oh-so-fab Wedding Girlsasked Mountain Paper to create a new design for an upcoming beachy shoot. Randi sent over a few inspiration images and a color palette and let me loose.




I did receive specific direction to lean heavy on the classy yacht feeling and not so much the seashell and rope aesthetic, but beyond that I was free to get creative! Still feeling super nostalgic about our honeymoon to Portugal the summer before, I went with the sun-baked, washed out colors that I remembered from the scenery there along with a pretty tile pattern.


So I was really pleased with how these came out, but I wasn’t sure how everything for the shoot would come together. After all, Mountain Paper is perched over here on the East Coast while Randi and Brooke are waaaaay over on the left coast, enjoying all that Los Angeles sunny happiness (not jealous, not jealous…), so I didn’t know firsthand what the venue was like or how the styling would come together. I made them text me sneak peeks throughout the shoot.





Can you imagine how delighted I was to see the awesomeness of these photos! Gah! So pretty, right? This was the first project Randi and Brooke and I worked on together, and somehow we were just on the same wavelength from the get-go.


Can we discuss for a moment this killer gold sequin bolero? Holy moly, I want one.



Want a wedding that looks like this? Get in touch with Kate at Blue Door Creative. She is a total sweetheart and you. will. love. her.




Sidenote: Hazel and Beckett are totally fake names… duh, because who names their son Beckett? But it sounded kind of vintage and British or something… Okay, moving on.











This project was so fun! Thanks again to Randi and Brooke for inviting me to collaborate – you rock my face off!

Want this wedding paper? You’re in luck! It’s now available to customize at MountainPaper.com.

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Garters: gold crinkle paper | custom order
Envelopes: natural kraft
Fonts: Carolyna | Frontage | Abraham Lincoln

Styling: Blue Door Creative
Photography: The Wedding Girls
Flowers: Culver City Flower Shop
Makeup: Lori Sarti | email her here

Nicole + Tim


When you have as long of a history as this couple, a simple “Save our Date!” seems to fall short. Nicole and Tim first met and started dating in high school – ten full years ago! She originally approached me to customize a Curlicue card for them, but after hearing about their story and seeing their amazeballs engagement photos, I knew we had to go bigger. Thankfully, she was game!


Nicole and Tim’s wedding is going to be crazy awesome. Aside from the very cool venue, Nicole’s family farm, which is home to a Zebra named Sarge (!) among other characters and a beautiful old barn, the couple is going for a classed-up festival vibe with vibrant, saturated colors and a cozy atmosphere. (It makes me wish there was some tradition of inviting your wedding stationer… a girl can dream!)


The first step with a bespoke project is to create a style guide. Nicole is a hip advertising superhero by day, so she knew right off the bat how to speak Designerish, which made creating her look a total breeze. I did try and squeak some zebra print in there (um, how could I not?), but we ended up swapping in some imperfect chevron instead.

Tosie Style-04

Boiling down a decade of relationship moments to just several sentences is tough, but Nicole and Tim did a great job. After a few rounds of wording and sketch edits, we had a great layout pieced together.




We ran a simple timeline along the edges so readers could see the progression of events over the years. And we used the watercolor confetti dots, chevron and brackets from the style guide along with a few simple silhouetted icons to break up the space.




Along with the quirky, fun photos by Matthew Jay, the final product was bright and playful. We decided to use vellum envelopes so recipients could get a sneak peak of the contents and paired them with die-cut labels for the addresses, then finished off the project by printing their return addresses to save Nicole a little time.




Thank you, Nicole and Tim, for letting me flex some creativity and create a fantastic piece for you!

Paper: 110lb eco-friendly
Envelopes: vellum
Fonts: Carolyna | Frontage | Valentina

Gina + Brandon

Sonnenalp Save the Dates by Mountainpaper

Let me just say right now that I am pretty darn envious of Gina and Brandon’s wedding venue. Vail is one of the most beautiful towns in Colorado, tucked into a narrow valley with towering peaks on either side, and The Sonnenalp is so charming and elegant with all of its Austrian-inspired balconies, striped shutters and smoking chimneys. So romantic! When Gina contacted me with her details earlier this spring, I was delighted!


First, we got to work creating a style guide for the project that would reflect the rustic elegance she was going for. The wedding date is in October, which (fingers crossed) will be right when all the aspens on the mountainsides are flaming with red and orange. The palette had to reflect these vivid colors, but also wrap in the mellow olive greens and blues that you see in this part of the country year-round. Gina wanted to focus on the refined side of things, without delving too much into a muted, vintage look.


We found a great photo of the resort to base our landscape on and built the artwork around it.



We chose Belluccia for the main typeface, which is a swirly, girlie font that feels just a little antique, and accented that with the always-classic Futura. A fine, black polka dot was cohesive with the Austrian look of the resort and complemented the black penstroke of the illustration.



In addition to the graphic theme that Gina is carrying throughout her paper, she’s using song lyrics to tie it all together (I really love this aspect), so on the back we laid out a quote from Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” (as covered by Chris Cornell).






Finally, we printed all of her envelopes to coordinate with the cards and save her some time.

Thank you, Gina and Brandon, for the chance to work on such a beautiful event! Congratulations!

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Envelopes: 100% cotton
Fonts: Belluccia | Futura

An Outrageous Big Easy Bash


What comes to mind when you think of New Orleans? Bright? Over the top? Feathers, beads, cocktails, trombones and masks? Yes, yes and yes! When I was asked to design the invitations for Sarah’s bachelorette in The Big Easy, I decided to get outrageous.


Before getting down to work, I researched some old jazz posters for Louis Armstrong and just general Mardi Gras paraphernalia. (The party was to happen right after Mardis Gras, but whatevs.) These two images in particular hit the spot, with their neons and saturated tones:


The weekend was going to be chock full of fun stuff and lots of ridiculous possibilities, and I wanted to really try and fit it all in. In the end, a double-sided trifold piece gave me the real estate I needed.




The tone of the whole piece was very tongue-in-cheek (drunk bingo, anyone?), with a lot of circus-y verbiage and bold typography. Adding in about five different patterns and little confetti dots all over gave it a real festival feel.




The bottom of the card included a perforated reply card, which fit snugly into a silver envelope.



Finally, we created a separate card for the lingerie shower that was planned for Saturday afternoon. We kept it as a single, extra enclosure so that it could be omitted from the bride’s invitation to keep the shower a surprise. It acted as a helpful shopping guide, too, with color assignments and Sarah’s size info.


I had some translucent envelopes left over from a previous project, and they were perfect for giving recipients a preview of the crazy graphics inside!


I know I say this every time, but this might really be my favorite project so far! Although, once I pulled away from the computer after a straight day of these neon graphics, my eyesight was a little off… Ha!

Randi + Melissa


Last month I had the pleasure of introducing you to Randi and Melissa and the vintage botanic invitations we created for their shower. Now I’m back to show you the vivid watercolor invitation suite we created for the main event! Randi and Melissa had chosen a beautiful and character-rich venue for their wedding, the big glass greenhouse at Stella Mare’s in Santa Barbara, and Randi had a very specific vision in mind. Her combination of color and fabulous taste (she had the ‘maids in aqua sequin pencil skirts) set the bar pretty high for this design. But her laid-back, gracious personality made the whole process a cinch!




Randi’s event palette was mellow mint and punchy tangerine. I used those colors, plus the vivid greens, blues and coral evocative of sun-soaked California, to create a watercolor base for each piece. Even the chevron had an artsy, painted style. Then I “painted in” some great illustrations of vines and buds I found in a botany encyclopedia.




We finished off the suite with kraft envelopes, pre-printed with coordinating graphics.



(Evidence of fabulous taste: knockout red lipstick on Randi! Beautiful photo by Lacie Hansen.)

Thank you so much, Randi and Melissa, for including my work in your big day! Congrats!

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Fonts: Carolyna Pro Black | Dalle