Colorful Corporate

You know those obligatory gold foil birthday cards you get from your bank? Or the completely generic, unidentified holiday card that comes from your tax accountant every December? Bless their hearts for trying. We all have those professional clients and businesses who really mean well by sending their seasonally appropriate greetings, but pleasing a mass of contacts in all ages and ranges makes it tough to show some pizazz. Too often, the beige designs on coated paper just fall flat when you prop them up next to the other colorful, personalized pieces carefully selected by your friends and family.

So what kind of paper do you get in the mail from your financial adviser? Is it also generic with bland colors in a flimsy white envelope? Totally boring and unexciting to open because you can’t tell it apart from a bill? I thought so. Well it sounds like it’s time for you to switch, because my financial adviser is totally hip and happenin’! (If I do say so myself.)

Jeremy emailed me a few weeks back because he was running low on his stock of client birthday cards and wanted something fresh. He gave me free to reign to come up with something. At first, it was quite a challenge to brainstorm designs that looked youthful and current (Jeremy still resides in the “young professional” category) while also maintaining a professional and appropriate tone. Most of the designs I create are a tad edgy, very detailed, or cheeky – none of which would be right for a birthday card to a retired lawyer celebrating 75.

Crazy fonts were out. Witty messages could be misconstrued. Flowery petals and scrolls were too feminine. The one design element that spans all generations, however, is color. Who can hate a beautiful shade of blue? After playing around with a bold palette and simple, blockprint-esque graphics, I presented a collection of seasonal designs that he really dug. The typography once again came from the fabulous Lost Type Co-Op (you’re looking at Wisdom Script and Habana).

I printed the cards on substantial 110lb recycled stock and paired them with some hefty, white cotton envelopes for a solid finishing touch. (I kind of wish my birthday was a summer birthday, just so I could get that lovely turquoise one in the mail.)

Thanks to Jeremy for the opportunity to put these together! You can check out Jeremy’s services here. He’s especially great if your husband happened to just graduate medical school with a barrel full of loans!

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