A new home for Mountain Paper

I am delighted to announce that Mountain Paper has a brand spankin’ new home! It’s been many months in the works, and we are all antsy for the big reveal. Spirits on Haywood Street are high – if you hear party music thumping from the third floor, come on up and celebrate with us!

In 2010, Mountain Paper launched on a little site called Etsy (you may have heard of it). And while the Etsy team has been nothing but wonderful to us, there is a time when all little design studios must spread their wings and get the heck out. Etsy is home to a slew of fantastic artisans, but we feel there is also a steadily growing number of sellers that don’t seem to hold the value of custom-made in as high esteem as we do. With a marketplace growing steadily more diluted, we felt Mountain Paper’s time to establish it’s own online shop had come!

The new site features a crisp, typography-driven look with large photos and easy-to-use navigation. Just like Etsy, customers will be able to create an account and manage orders, create a wishlist and submit custom requests. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

As you may have noticed, the new shop is also accompanied by a shiny new blog (hi, there!). MTN will be the home of Mountain Paper’s musings, and you’ll be able to find posts on design trends, great vendors, tutorials and inspiration. You’ll also get a private view into our bespoke jobs, the paper projects we create from scratch for clients. Feel free to pin, share and comment away!

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