Wendy Workshop Time

Phew, I’m sore! Finally got to work on this closet space in the studio that I’ve been itching to redo for a while now. Trying to find studs in plaster is… not easy and very frustrating. So I might be just as sore from sawing and lifting lumber as I am from pounding my head against the wall.


Don’t pass judgement yet! I still have to paint everything and call the electrician to run some wiring for real lighting.

I got inspired by the awesome entryway closet makeover by Shelley on The House of Smiths. (Her project was a bench instead of a worktop, which is basically the same thing, just lower down.) With more custom projects coming in, I’ve been needing a bigger space for trimming and assembling, and this former closet was just begging to be put to use. Shelley has a really helpful step-by-step post on how to complete this project. Alright, back to work!


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