A Beach Bungalow Wedding

*** Prepare yourself. Lots of eye candy in this post. ***


I’m so excited to finally be able to share these beauties with you! (These pics may be old news to you if you’re a Trendy Bride reader. Michelle featured these yesterday!) Last year, the oh-so-fab Wedding Girlsasked Mountain Paper to create a new design for an upcoming beachy shoot. Randi sent over a few inspiration images and a color palette and let me loose.




I did receive specific direction to lean heavy on the classy yacht feeling and not so much the seashell and rope aesthetic, but beyond that I was free to get creative! Still feeling super nostalgic about our honeymoon to Portugal the summer before, I went with the sun-baked, washed out colors that I remembered from the scenery there along with a pretty tile pattern.


So I was really pleased with how these came out, but I wasn’t sure how everything for the shoot would come together. After all, Mountain Paper is perched over here on the East Coast while Randi and Brooke are waaaaay over on the left coast, enjoying all that Los Angeles sunny happiness (not jealous, not jealous…), so I didn’t know firsthand what the venue was like or how the styling would come together. I made them text me sneak peeks throughout the shoot.





Can you imagine how delighted I was to see the awesomeness of these photos! Gah! So pretty, right? This was the first project Randi and Brooke and I worked on together, and somehow we were just on the same wavelength from the get-go.


Can we discuss for a moment this killer gold sequin bolero? Holy moly, I want one.



Want a wedding that looks like this? Get in touch with Kate at Blue Door Creative. She is a total sweetheart and you. will. love. her.




Sidenote: Hazel and Beckett are totally fake names… duh, because who names their son Beckett? But it sounded kind of vintage and British or something… Okay, moving on.











This project was so fun! Thanks again to Randi and Brooke for inviting me to collaborate – you rock my face off!

Want this wedding paper? You’re in luck! It’s now available to customize at MountainPaper.com.

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Garters: gold crinkle paper | custom order
Envelopes: natural kraft
Fonts: Carolyna | Frontage | Abraham Lincoln

Styling: Blue Door Creative
Photography: The Wedding Girls
Flowers: Culver City Flower Shop
Makeup: Lori Sarti | email her here

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  1. Beautiful. Well done! By the way, my friends have a kid named Beckett. They are both real live people. ;)

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