An Outrageous Big Easy Bash


What comes to mind when you think of New Orleans? Bright? Over the top? Feathers, beads, cocktails, trombones and masks? Yes, yes and yes! When I was asked to design the invitations for Sarah’s bachelorette in The Big Easy, I decided to get outrageous.


Before getting down to work, I researched some old jazz posters for Louis Armstrong and just general Mardi Gras paraphernalia. (The party was to happen right after Mardis Gras, but whatevs.) These two images in particular hit the spot, with their neons and saturated tones:


The weekend was going to be chock full of fun stuff and lots of ridiculous possibilities, and I wanted to really try and fit it all in. In the end, a double-sided trifold piece gave me the real estate I needed.




The tone of the whole piece was very tongue-in-cheek (drunk bingo, anyone?), with a lot of circus-y verbiage and bold typography. Adding in about five different patterns and little confetti dots all over gave it a real festival feel.




The bottom of the card included a perforated reply card, which fit snugly into a silver envelope.



Finally, we created a separate card for the lingerie shower that was planned for Saturday afternoon. We kept it as a single, extra enclosure so that it could be omitted from the bride’s invitation to keep the shower a surprise. It acted as a helpful shopping guide, too, with color assignments and Sarah’s size info.


I had some translucent envelopes left over from a previous project, and they were perfect for giving recipients a preview of the crazy graphics inside!


I know I say this every time, but this might really be my favorite project so far! Although, once I pulled away from the computer after a straight day of these neon graphics, my eyesight was a little off… Ha!

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