Kristi + Doug

Before the advent of Pinterest, the design inspiration swipe file on my hard drive was busting at the seams. Every time I saw a fabric pattern, magazine ad or logo that struck a chord, into the bottomless folder it went. It wasn’t until Kristi came along that I realized just how many of those images had turquoise, aqua and feathers… it was almost like my designer subconscious knew she would be knocking on my door in the future!

Kristi has an aesthetic that is refreshing and airy. When we had our first look-and-feel meeting, she showed me pictures of modern outfits, gold jewelry and spare interiors. Then she told me her wedding date was New Year’s Eve and her theme was peacock feathers, and I immediately knew what to do! The result was a suite on silky smooth paper with textural details of gold wrappers and ostrich feathers. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product!

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