Courtney’s Derby Shower


Could there be a more perfect way to kick off a rosy marriage than by showering the bride with a Kentucky Derby themed party?  The whole event oozes class and allows for the just right touch of girliness. Plus the fun, coordinating party ideas are basically endless! Mint juleps, fabulous hats, fancy dresses…. can I come, too?


Courtney approached me to put together this design for her southern belle centered fete, and I am quite pleased with result (if I do say so myself…)! I actually was not terribly familiar with all the traditions that surround the Derby, so it gave me a perfect opportunity to read up on it. Aside from getting a mean case of spring fever, I quickly discovered that roses play a starring role in the race, and garden parties to celebrate the event abound, so some lush flowers were definitely in order for the design.



We stuck with a sophisticated and feminine palette of pink and green, and added in ribbons and stripes for a preppy touch. Courtney supplied the clever wording, which I dressed up with some bold typography. For the finish, we paired the cards with a shimmery light pink envelope.



Thank you, Courtney, for the chance to design this super fun card. I hope your party is a smash hit!

Paper: 130lb uncoated
Envelope: cotton candy metallic
Fonts: Abraham Lincoln | CAC Lasko Even Weight

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