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Sonnenalp Save the Dates by Mountainpaper

Let me just say right now that I am pretty darn envious of Gina and Brandon’s wedding venue. Vail is one of the most beautiful towns in Colorado, tucked into a narrow valley with towering peaks on either side, and The Sonnenalp is so charming and elegant with all of its Austrian-inspired balconies, striped shutters and smoking chimneys. So romantic! When Gina contacted me with her details earlier this spring, I was delighted!


First, we got to work creating a style guide for the project that would reflect the rustic elegance she was going for. The wedding date is in October, which (fingers crossed) will be right when all the aspens on the mountainsides are flaming with red and orange. The palette had to reflect these vivid colors, but also wrap in the mellow olive greens and blues that you see in this part of the country year-round. Gina wanted to focus on the refined side of things, without delving too much into a muted, vintage look.


We found a great photo of the resort to base our landscape on and built the artwork around it.



We chose Belluccia for the main typeface, which is a swirly, girlie font that feels just a little antique, and accented that with the always-classic Futura. A fine, black polka dot was cohesive with the Austrian look of the resort and complemented the black penstroke of the illustration.



In addition to the graphic theme that Gina is carrying throughout her paper, she’s using song lyrics to tie it all together (I really love this aspect), so on the back we laid out a quote from Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” (as covered by Chris Cornell).






Finally, we printed all of her envelopes to coordinate with the cards and save her some time.

Thank you, Gina and Brandon, for the chance to work on such a beautiful event! Congratulations!

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Envelopes: 100% cotton
Fonts: Belluccia | Futura

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  1. kylie k says:

    these are fabulous! love love love.

  2. Russell says:

    Beautiful! You captured the real mountain flavor of Colorado with the art and script!

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