NYE in NOLA Save the Dates

There’s a special place in my heart for New Year’s Eve weddings. Securing this time slot for your big day not only guarantees that the party will not die early, but also sets the stage for a lifetime of totally memorable anniversaries! Lauren and Ryan took this killer idea one step further and secured a venue in one of the most party-going cities in America, New Orleans. I mean, how much fun is this wedding going to be?!


Lauren came to me with this confetti idea, and I loved it immediately because it fit her festive theme to a tee. When we started on developing the style guide, shimmery tones of black, gold and silver were a given. We ultimately decided to add magenta for an extra punch of color.

Lauren Style Guide-02

We also decided to translate the confetti idea into a recurring graphic, adding bubbly details throughout, and made all the lines a little roughed up for an imperfect feel.


As you know, I adore projects that get me away from the computer. After searching high and low for just the right style of confetti, we ultimately opted to make our own. Yes, I’m that picky… so sue me! I used the trusty little die cutter in the studio to punch out black, gold, silver and yellow circles in all different sizes. It kind of ended up taking forever, but the end result was totally worth it.





(That’s my cool new paperweight. It’s a rock I plucked out of a river on our last backpacking trip and dunked in gold paint. Has basically nothing to do with this project except that it is gold and pretty.)


After very careful divvying up into our little bags, I handed the cards and confetti over to my girl Tifanee, who sewed each one on with purty magenta thread. (No, I can’t sew. It’s on my list of to-learn domestic skills along with not killing houseplants and canning.)



We picked out envelopes in Gold Leaf and printed Lauren’s addresses in matching style.






Thank you, Lauren, for entrusting your amazing vision to Mountain Paper! I can’t wait to start on the invitations!

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Envelopes: gold leaf
Fonts: Frontage | Belluccia | Valentina



4 Responses to “NYE in NOLA Save the Dates”

  1. Dad says:

    Totally cool! That die cutter is getting another workout. I can still hear it in my head cutting the paper ribbons for your wedding.

  2. kylie kreikemeier says:

    Love, love, love these!

  3. Nanna Mangan says:

    Kristi, I am so impressed and so proud of how you have developed such a talent ! As a child, I loved to draw, especially side views of a head, usually a female, with an upturned look. That was my favorite. At about age six, I used to draw a storefront with a door and windows, etc. That was child’s play compared to your artistic talent. I truly believe you have just begun and will continue to become quite an artistic entrepreneur.


  4. Sarah says:

    Hello I am wondering what kind of bags you used for the confetti? Thanks! Beautiful!

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