Randi + Melissa


When I received an Etsy conversation from Randi last summer, I could not have predicted what a wonderful creative friendship we would form! Randi, a Los Angeles based photographer, found Mountain Paper while searching for wedding invitations for her and her partner, and she approached me to design a custom suite for them. After checking out Randi’s work and reading her adorable message (which she signed the same as she signs all of her emails, with an “xo”) I knew we were a match made in creative heaven.


The first item on her to-design list was this invitation to their shower at the ridiculously cool Inn of the Seventh Ray (also maybe the coolest venue name I’ve ever heard). Randi’s style is like her personality, vibrant and sweet, which showed through her stylish ideas for the wedding and surrounding events. She was going for a look I would describe as luxe vintage – less on the distressed antique side, more on the swanky classical side.


Knowing that their wedding was also going to be in a greenhouse, I started hunting down old botanical illustrations and managed to find a 100-year-old German plant encyclopedia. (Well, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was… I can’t read German.) The diagrams and sketches I found there,┬áincluding one really interesting cacti specimen, ended up playing a starring role throughout all of her paper.



Combining the floral graphics with the coral shade from Randi’s color palette gave us a unique screened look. I chose the strong Dalle and sweet Carolyna fonts, which both have a nostalgic feel to them, to play off each other.


We paired the cards with kraft envelopes, which I printed for Randi to save her some time with addressing.

Paper: 130lb eco-friendly
Fonts: Carolyna Pro Black | Dalle

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