Sarah + Chase

When Sarah met Chase, it was like a scene out of a movie. Just a year after she had graduated from journalism school, she was living a fabulous single life in the big city as an up-and-coming news editor, and along came an urban cowboy to sweep her off her feet… on Valentine’s Day. So romantic, right? Wait, scratch that. It wasn’t that kind of movie. Not so much a Rachel McAdams movie… more like a Kate Hudson flick. Yeah, okay, there she was on Valentine’s Day at the bar, having just been stood up for a blind date. (For real.) And along came Chase, who probably laid a charming but very corny line¬†with a touch of Texas drawl on her, to help her drown a few sorrows. The cowboy part really is true, though.

Designing Sarah and Chase’s save the dates was a fun challenge. This bride loves words (random fact: her favorite word to say is pedestrian), so the usual engagement pic with a flowery tag wasn’t going to cut it. She also loves organizing things (hello, shared Pinterest board!). And we all know that words plus organization equals flow chart… oh, you didn’t know that? Well, now you do.

Once we had the format decided, it was time to introduce personality. There are a lot of timeline and flow chart save the dates out there right now, and for some reason most of them feature the universal gender symbols for bathroom, so I really wanted to use a new spin.

Sarah’s wedding palette of vibrant, springy blues and greens really pops off the printed page. These colors in combination with the curlicue typography is fun, which is perfect because the best part about this couple is how fun they are. Seriously, they are really a kick in the pants! Sarah’s pension for dance moves that involve finger snapping and Chase’s hilarious Jay Cutler impression are just the tip of the entertaining iceberg. These two are always at the center of a group of friends, cracking jokes or telling wild stories, and I wanted to impart their spontaneous, youthful spirit in the design.

Finally, since Sarah loves all things vintage, the kraft paper envelopes were a must. We saved her some time and hand cramps by printing up all 225 of them with matching curlicues.

Thank you, Sarah and Chase, for the chance to design something special. I hope every recipient of these cards is just as excited for this wedding as I am!

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